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Caravanning is becoming ever more popular with the prospects of low cost holidays becoming more in-frequent and harder to come by. This has lead (and understandably so) to caravanning becoming very popular, with trips to Europe and beyond are very pleasant and wonderful experiences. Whether you have been travelling with your caravan for many years or are looking to get into caravanning, you may be considering purchasing a new or used caravan. In this article, we have created an in-depth buying guide for both new caravans and used caravans to ensure that you can purchase your ideal caravan. Been looking for caravans for sale in Cardiff or Touring caravans for sale Cardiff? Enquire with Bailey Caravans today or call us now on: 01792 64 33 26

New Caravan Buying Guide

Cardiff Caravans for Sale

Buying a new caravan is a very exciting prospect as you get a brand new caravan to go on journeys with. There are a great deal of benefits associated with purchasing a new caravan such as the huge amount of choice combined with the ability to choose exactly what is included regarding layout and equipment. You are also entitled to a generous warranty when purchasing a new caravan. When you are looking for your new caravan, it’s important to consider what caravan layouts you want so that you can fully enjoy your new caravan. There are many layout options such as an en-suite style or combined toilet and shower unit which allow you to choose which type of caravan you like the sound of. This extends to your choice of bed, from bunk beds for families to a fixed bed or twin single bed. There are several dining areas available such as a removable table or centre console. These dining areas allow you to store food or to eat with ease. A centre console for example offers storage as well as an area to eat. A removable table allows you to have a table which you can remove and store when required. This can also be taken outside of your caravan to allow you to eat in pleasant weather. A limited amount of caravans offer an end kitchen which gives the cook a great view when they are cooking food. Central kitchens are a more standard format which features cooking in the centre of the caravan area. Your lounging options are the final option that you can choose for your new caravan and there are a variety of styles to choose from. From the more standard lounge to twin, U-shaped and L-shaped lounges.

Used Caravan Buying Guide

When purchasing a used caravan, you will most likely first want to check that the caravan matches your tow car. This is important as you will need to be able to tow your car with your used caravan. A used caravan is the perfect way for a less experienced caravaner to gain experience before purchasing a new caravan. This also allows you to find out what you like as well as what you will want from your new caravan. When looking for a used caravan, it is again important to consider which layout you want. It’s a good idea to identify your camping style and then adjust this to find out which used caravan to purchase. You can thus now refer to our new caravan buying guide above to determine which style of caravan may be best suited for you.

Purchasing Your Caravan in Cardiff from Bailey Wales

Purchasing your used caravan from Bailey Wales ensures that the van is safe for towing and has been tested for gas and electrical safety. Purchasing a new caravan means that you have access to the manufacturer warranty as well as the fantastic offers that we have to offer. Whether you are looking for a used caravan to begin to caravan or if you are an experienced caravaner looking for your next new caravan, Bailey Wales have an intricate range for you to choose from. Should you be looking for caravans for sale in Cardiff or caravan sales in Cardiff then be sure to come and visit us today or call our team now on: 01792 64 33 26

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