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It’s easy to understand why caravanning is definitely an enormous selling point to over 1. 7 million Britons across the land, a result of the independence, choices and adaptability it can provide you with on your escape. Inexpensive holidays are becoming more difficult to get, so it’s no wonder that caravanning is grabbing a lot more consideration from the national media as a cost efficient alternative in terms of an escape from the day-to-day routine. If you’re looking for a Caravan Cardiff be sure to speak to Bailey Caravans, we’ve a large number of used and new caravans offered at great value for money.

Caravan CardiffIf you are caravanning, there are really no limits on where one can go, as long as there’s a highway in between along with a camping site( or just a field) at the end of your journey. Regardless of where you would like to go in the country, you are going to find lots of options, all for a fraction of the price per night of a hotel and plane tickets.

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If you are travelling for enjoyment, with friends, or spouse and children a caravan allows you to take everything at your individual speed. You can settle-back while you remove yourself from the rat race running around you. Take it easy, settle back and soak up every amount of independence which a caravan offers you.

On the subject of purchasing a caravan, it can be quite a decision to make, as a caravan is a huge investment. There are various contradicting resources, so who has information are you able to trust in? Baileys have provided you with a quick but beneficial buying tutorial on new and used caravans so it is possible to make an educated selection when it comes to investing in your caravan.

Preparing to Buy Your New Caravan

In our August update of our new & used caravan buying guide, we look at the preparations you can take to prepare before you purchase your new or used caravan.

A little research goes a long way when you are looking to buy your new caravan. Also, thinking about your needs and requirements and if your new caravan is up to the task at hand is also very important. If you are purchasing a larger caravan for example, can your vehicle handle the towing process? The internal aspects of your new caravan will also vary greatly, so it’s important to consider which style of design you find most attractive before looking to make a purchase. The living conditions inside modern new caravans is also exquisite. There are many caravans available that are almost as if they are another home on wheels, which is one of the wonders of caravanning. The type of journeys that you will be partaking in is also a very important factor to consider with your new caravan. If you are planning on going on lengthy journeys then you will want to look for a caravan that reflects these requirements. Not only does your caravan need to be able to withstand a long journey, you will also want to do this with comfort when you do stop off.

Researching Your Desired Used Caravan

New Caravan CardiffThere are certain parallels between what you need to think about when buying a new or used caravan but there are also some differences. The durability of the used caravan that you wish to purchase is arguably more important than with a new caravan. With a new caravan you have a vast range of requirements and specifications but with a used caravan, you will be looking for a caravan that holds these rather than choosing from a bigger selection. The advantage of this is that you can purchase a sturdy, comfortable caravan for significantly reduced costs. If you are a seasoned caravaner then you will most likely know what you like so this can make the purchase easier for you. If you are a new caravaner who is looking to purchase a caravan then there are many advantages with making your first a used caravan. This can help you get to grips with what you like should you decide that you want to make a significant investment. There are also an intricate variety of used caravans that we have for sale and these are ideal for both the seasoned and new caravaner. You will naturally need to do more research when looking for a used caravan however. The benefits of purchasing from Bailey Wales is that our used caravans are of the highest quality and are assessed by our team. You can be sure that should you decide to purchase a used caravan, it will be a caravan that you love and cherish for many years to come.

Should You Purchase a New Or Used Caravan?

You have a choice between a pre-loved caravan or a completely new caravan and both have their advantages. A new model has a number of customisation options as well as a wide choice of layout options which may also be customisable. You also have access to a wider range of new technology as the newest caravans will have more recent technology associated with them. Naturally as is the case with vehicles, new ranges come at a larger investment but with a longer warranty. Choosing from a new range is an excellent way to find a pre-loved caravan that matches your exact requirements and for less of an investment. There are still generous warranties available on these caravans and this makes these types of caravans a great investment for individuals who are looking to start caravanning or are looking for a second or maybe even another after owning several. Our used range are fully checked for their tow ability and for gas and electrical safety.

Investing in a caravan – secondhand or new?

If you are planning on buying a caravan, you are going to come across an abundance of possibilities at dealers like Baileys caravans in Cardiff, but among the initial decisions you will need to settle prior to making this investment is whether to get a new or pre-owned caravan. It’s vital to be clear on what you want before you start, and there are a number of pros and cons to both types.

Here are a few ideas in this useful purchasing guide to assist you to choose.

Secondhand Caravans

Buying a 2nd- hand caravan gives you a number of benefits, the important thing one is the lower price level. There is some terrific money saving deals for sale with pre-owned caravans, and you’ll be in a position to have an improved specification model for the similar money than you’d probably with a brand new one, whether that’s with a bigger caravan or even a smaller sized caravan with additional useful options.

In case you are even now indecisive of whether caravanning is for you than sticking to a rigid price range and constraining your investment can also be a great idea for those who haven’t owned or operated a caravan before and are still unsure whether it’s quite right for you.

Simultaneously, all vehicles, caravans and motor homes will start to depreciate in value from the second they are first bought. Having a second- hand caravan, it will reduce less quickly than with brand spanking new caravans.

Due to the extremely broad collection of excellent caravans out there, getting a second- hand caravan which is well suited for your requirements really should be an extremely clear-cut affair as there is a huge industry for second-hand caravans.

If you’re shopping for used as your very first caravan, make an effort to look at the caravan with a person that knows a little bit about caravanning and gets it looked over completely before you commit. This raises one of the biggest gripes with acquiring used caravans given that you will be managing a personal seller. We would always highly recommend you to definitely enquire with a professional retailer of used caravans since you’re assured a warranty/ guarantee unless of course disclosed otherwise.

Brand New Caravans

Warranties on new caravans are often superior to on the second- hand counterparts. Some manufacturers, for instance, offer you up to and including decade

When selecting a completely new caravan, you’ll certainly find a very good choice of layouts and specs, while benefitting from the newest components and manufacturing methods geared towards decreasing the caravan’s weight and water tightness. You may also find that heating systems and electricity are used more efficiently with more recent caravans since the technologies are more complex

Being a caravan’s 1st owner, you regularly have the choice to custom- build your caravan’s style and design to your own demands providing you with a really custom space or room that you’ve built from the ground up.

If you are intending to select a new caravan then you need to think about several things in the style and design, structure and scheme of the model. There are plenty of considerations when determining the build of the caravan.

  • General budget
  • Size total capacity of your towing vehicle.
  • The number of individuals to sleep.
  • The need for room infiltrating utilities: shower, toilet, cooking area and many others.
  • The desire for space or room invading hardware: TV, cooking appliances as an example.
  • Fuel economy ordinarily- the smaller
  • Straightforward towing.
  • Storage requirements.

When building anything from the ground up, there is always a compromise. This really is far more apparent with a caravan build as your demands are going to directly affect the end result of your new caravan. Make sure you figure out everything you can’t change or manage( just like the minimum number of beds ), as it’s going to quickly form the preferred compromise of measurements, price range and usefulness in order that you have your perfect caravan.

If you are looking for Caravan in Cardiff then Baileys Caravans is the best company. If you are considering investing in a pre-owned or new caravan then go to our web page on Caravan Cardiff or call us on 01792 64 33 26 to talk with a specialist member of our staff!

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